onnetsu therapy

Development of Onnetsu Therapy

Japanese Doctor Madam Tomeko Mitsui(1915-2001) created the Mitsui Onnetsu Therapy in 1988. She developed the theory and the practical application of this thermal massage method.

Improving the natural healing ability within the human body to restore both physical and mental diseases and illnesses while restoring the body's heat to help become immune against diseases are the fundamental principles of Onnetsu Therapy.

Effects of Onnetsu Therapy

Restoring the lost heat inside the body

A body in low temperature is more susceptible to diseases and even with the appropriate treatment it is difficult to be fully cured as well as allowing the same disease to reoccur in the future.

Reason behind this is because a cold body has it's immune system is hampered due to the cold which looses the resistance against diseases

By restoring the heat inside the body it strengthens the immune system and stops any onset of diseases.

Onnetsu Therapy has the same effects of acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. The heat cures muscle aches as well as delivering heat to the deepest parts of the body and targeting all the therapeutic points of the body.

Living a life style of regular food intake with consideration of nutrition balance, exercise and Onnetsu thermal therapy promotes the optimal state of the body.

With this we can live with our bodies healthy and strong without the ailments and diseases.

Onnetsu Therapy is a simple thermal therapy for anyone to use and apply heat into any part of the body with accuracy.

Onnetsu Therapy is known for it's ability to treat a vast number of diseases and illnesses by inserting heat into the body.

Spas, saunas, hairdryer, Infrared lamps etc. were long known as a method of thermal therapy.

Cancer cells are weak against heat and are killed in 104~107ºF(40~42ºC).

Our body as well as the skin shows sensitivity when heat is inserted into ill parts of the body.

Many of you will know that applying acupuncture, moxibustion or pressure treatments into areas of the body that shows illness will help cure the disease and illnesses.

It is not possible to properly use the therapy methods involving pressure points without pro-longed experience and knowledge of the structure of the human body.

With Onnetsu Therapy you only need to apply the heat into any part of the body that shows unusual or aching sensitivity and that will provide the therapeutic points that you will need to focus on. This allows Onnetsu Therapy to become an easily accessible and viable method of treatment for anyone without experience or knowledge.

Areas that show great sensitivity to heat are areas with hampered blood circulation. When muscles are stressed and become fatigue it produces pathogens that clog up capillaries, causing the immune system to fight them off creating wastes, which are left clogging up the blood circulation.

Applying concentrated Far Infrared heat into these areas will cause a hot sensitivity to the person. These bad substances are then cleansed away by the blood circulation and antigens by the heat. The hot sensitivity will afterwards calm down.

The Concept of Onnetsu Therapy

Onnetsu Therapy is an autoimmune health care method that warms up the body using heat through physical stimulation which in turn helps blood circulation to prevent diseases and illnesses.

  • Applying heat through the skin to warm the inner parts of the body
  • Indicates with hot sensitivity when heating an area with illness
  • Transfers the wastes to the blood and lymph vessels
  • Reduced hot sensitivity follows with subsided aching
  • Eliminates germs susceptible to heat and smooths the blood circulation
  • Increases white blood cells to boost immune system

The effects of Onnetsu Therapy

  • Repetitive treatment around the areas showing illness to bring proper balance to the autonomic nervous system
  • Relieves muscle aches and pulled muscles
  • Applying heat starting from the vertebrae and back area improves the blood circulation on all parts of the body and strengthens the self-healing mechanism
  • With pro-longed use, the user will be able to immediately find out areas with illness
  • Onnetsu Therapy employs devices with adjustable temperatures
  • Inserting heat into the deepest parts of the body with Far Infrared heat.
  • Tissues help with blood circulation with the heat energy
  • Helps supply nutrition and oxygen to areas of body with hampered blood circulation as well as to all ends of the body
  • Improved metabolism and removal of waste in blood cells.
  • The most optimal self-healing method that promotes self-immunity, has no danger or side effects, mitigates and improves symptoms and helps maintain a body free from diseases and illnesses
  • Helps significantly with the following illnesses :

Stress, Shoulder ache, Back disk, Neck, Knee, Ankle & Foot pain, Elbow pain, fatigue, Rheumatiz, Menstrual pain, Constipation, Insomnia, Nervous System disease, Sports injuries, Asthma, Blood pressure, Diabetes.

The effects of Far Infrared Heat Therapy & Radium

Infrared is known as the 'Heating Rays'.

Infrared with shortest wavelength is called Near Infrared, long wavelength is called Far Infrared. The heat emitted from the Onnetsu Therapy device is the Far Infrared.

It's feature that Onnetsu Therapy method focuses on is the fact that it can deliver the heat very deeply.

Deepest or the surface, the heat stays in for long duration of time from which the effects of Onnetsu Therapy are shown.

The Far Infrared travels through the skin to the deepest parts of the body changing into heat energy that heats up the entire body and clears the blood vessels to improve blood circulation.

It also helps activate the molecular exercise that in turn helps blood and body fluid flow and keeps the cells active.

This results in rich oxygen supplied to all the cells around the body that promotes metabolism.

The Infrared radiation helps cure difficult to treat diseases and it's illnesses and ultimately improves body constitution.

onnetsu therapy

Symptoms shown when the body temperature falls below average

1ºC decrease in body temperature hinders your immune system by 30% and basal metabolism rate by 12%(approx.)

98.6F (37.0C) : Normal body temperature
97.7F (36.5C) : Healthy body, active immune system
96.8F (36.0C) : Body starts to shiver and shake to generate heat
95.9F (35.5C) : Worsen bowel movement, allergy symptoms, autonomic nervous system malnutrition
95.0F (35.0C) : Temperature that allows cancerous cells to multiply easily
93.2F (34.0C) : A person drowning in water with body at this temperature has only 50% to be resuscitated
91.4F (33.0C) : Hallucination before dying from hypothermia
86.0F (30.0C) : Unconscious state
82.4F (28.0C) : Temperature of dead body